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Mold Removal


Many people find themselves getting sick without explanation. In a lot of cases, it’s due to a build-up of mold in their home. This is a big issue for families because…

  • More than 50% of houses in America have mold issues
  • You may feel exhausted because of the low energy and fatigue from exposure symptoms
  • This leaves you feeing discouraged because you want your home to be a safe space for you and your family
  • 96% of patients with chronic sinus infections have these infections as a direct result of mold overexposure

Branch Environmental is the one call you can make to find & eliminate mold from your home or office, so you can feel your best and get back to living life.

Enjoy Living In A Healthy Home Where Your Family Can Thrive

At Branch Environmental, we know you deserve to feel confident that your family is healthy, happy, and safe in your own home!

Breathe Easy In A Safe And Healthy Home

Join Thousands Of Other Customers Who Have Already Eliminated Toxins From Their Homes, And Their Lives.


Here’s how we do it:

1. Inspect

We begin the process with a comprehensive inspection and provide a detailed scope of work explaining the process.

2. Prepare for Remediation

Our crew will show up ON TIME, remove the mold and leave your home impressively clean and SAFE for you and your family.

3. Remediate And Relax

We will perform a final inspection. You can then relax, knowing that you’re living in a home that will keep you and your family healthy, happy, and safe!

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say!

I only have good things to say about these guys who came as soon as I mentioned our mold issues. Their inspection was absolutely thorough, checked every corner and even ended up finding out that the issue was actually coming from the attic. They could have easily overcharged me, but they were super honest and showed me how I could save money instead. The job was done in few hours, left everything cleaner than how they found it and even gave me good advice for the future. We already breath much better in our home and I couldn't recommend them more!

Isabelle D.

Our experience with Branch environmental has been great! I only wish we had found them sooner! We have had MAJOR mold issues in our home and had 4 previous mold inspectors/companies come out that did not find the mold we have under our kitchen sink. So thankful for them and hoping this will be last piece so that my family can move back in our home and our health can start improving.

Anna K.


At Branch, we care, which is why for nearly 30 years, we’ve successfully helped thousands of families like yours feel is safe in their home.

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